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St. Matthew Lutheran School

Welcome to St. Matthew Lutheran School!

Here at St. Matthew’s, we have four full-time teachers and one half time teacher who serve our student body which consists of students in Gr. 4K through 8th.  With low student-to-faculty ratios, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing opportunities for every child to excel in every area: faith, academics, technology, arts, club activities and athletics.
St. Matthew Lutheran School is a member of a nationally recognized family of Christian education.  Our teachers are certified by one of the largest parochial school systems in the United States, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, which includes

  • 403 early childhood ministries
  • 316 elementary schools
  • 23 area Lutheran high schools
  • 2 Lutheran preparatory schools
  • 2 worker training colleges
Please contact us for more information or to schedule a visit.  We will be happy to see you!


History of the School: 

St. Matthew's has a long and rich heritage of Christian education that dates back almost as far as the congregation itself.  Less than two months after the congregation was founded in 1885, the congregation decided to build a schoolhouse near where the parsonage garage now stands.  This 20x30 building was dedicated in September 1886.  Miss Anna Wuest, daughter of Reverend Oscar Wuest, first conducted this school in the fall and spring months.

The school year as we know it with its 9 month schedule was established in the fall of 1916 by Reverend Philip Koehler.  The school was moved to larger quarters in the church basement and the old school building was sold.

Even during the Depression Era, the members and leaders of St. Matthew's understood the value and importance of a Christian education.  Although classrooms were becoming crowded and 45-50 students often studied under one teacher, the teachers remained steadfast in their ministries.

Our current school building was dedicated in 1957, and the gymnasium was constructed a few years later. The members of St. Matthew Lutheran Church and School thank and praise God for the blessings he continues to bestow upon our educational ministry.